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Father Confessor

Authors: Russel D. McLean

Published by Five Leaves Publications

ISBN: 9781907869549

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He must have known he was going to die… he must have known how things would end.

DCI Ernie Bright is dead. A good cop gone bad? Not everyone believes that one of Tayside Constabulary’s longest serving detectives was leading a double life. One of those looking to vindicate the dead copper is Bright’s protégé, the private investigator J McNee, who has his own reasons for trying to prove Bright’s innocence. But as the evidence piles up and McNee makes enemies on both sides of the law, he finds that justice and the law are not always the same, and that good people can make bad decisions.

Dark, violent and psychologically gripping, the third in the critically acclaimed J McNee series will change the Dundee detective’s world forever.

This book is also available as an ebook
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Russel D McLean's previous books are The Good Son and The Lost Sister, both of which ran to reprints and had good reviews on both sides of the Atlantic. Russel writes for the crime magazines The Big Thrill, Do Some Damage and Crime Scene Scotland. He works in Dundee.

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