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Fellini Beach

Published by Seren

ISBN: 9781854111159

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The diverse themes and textures of Tim Liardet's second collection of poems are intricately wrought and almost operatic in scope and intensity.

The poems of Section 1 are not casual, 'occasional' poems, but dramas with atmospheric sets, peopled by mad, eccentric or Felliniesque characters, such as 'A Spinster on The London Underground', 'Nietzsche at the Villa Silberblick', or the mysterious valet Wetherton and his 'Captain' in 'Palimpsest for a Radio Play'. The author's dedication to classical forms and rhyme is counterpointed by ironic humour and a playful delight in gothic detail.

Section 2 includes poems from a closer, personal perspective, on family, erotic love, childhood, adolescence, and even a trip to the dentist - all characterised by Liardet's sharp and quirky observations.

Tim Liardet was born in London and educated at the University of York. He has travelled extensively and worked in the fields of Information Technology and Marketing. Widely published, he currently works as a freelance writer, editor and tutor.
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