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Authors: Terry Cree

Published by Two Rivers Press

ISBN: 9781901677973

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“Cree’s deft quatrains – aslant, folksy, philosophical, visionary – draw on American poetic tradition with an assurance that is rare in a British writer.” Adrian Blamires

Fruit of the loins and fruit of the vine. Poison fruit and the fruit of The Fall. They all find their place in this first collection, which also draws together those liminal moments and landscapes, paintings and photographs that represent different modes of separation and change.

The poems are beautifully accompanied by a sequence of fine-grained pencil drawings by the author.

Some things never change.
The garden bushes wag their beards
like arguing theologians while the orange fists
of passion fruit take cover in the leaves.

Terry Cree is a writer and artist who lives in Hampshire. He has run a sculpture park, designed a number of gardens, organized poetry readings by many of the most significant names in post-war British poetry and has taught English and creative writing to countless numbers of young people and adults.

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