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Full Stops in Winter Branches

Authors: Char March

Published by Valley Press

ISBN: 9781912436118

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In this, her fifth collection, Char March is searching for hidden nests of humanity within the cold, bare branches of politics, and giving a voice to the voiceless (both human and otherwise). She expertly immerses us in the landscapes and soundscapes of her twin homes of Scotland and Yorkshire – and, whether visiting the depths of Leeds’ sewers or tasting the Hebrides sea, never strays far from the sharp humour and eye for detail that her readers have come to expect. This is poetry at its very best, highly-involved writing that seems effortless; a feast of fantastic literature to warm your soul. 

"Char March has a keen eye for detail. Full Stops in Winter Branches is alive with poems that capture moments of life's imperfection and moments of rare beauty. March attends to the world fully, noticing how a dog finds that land 'glitters with smells', how 'white ground is hedge-squared' to a bird. She is equally adept at praise poems and lamentations. Like the Ardnamurchan dragonfly of one poem, her project is nothing less than capturing the impossible, netting the 'colour of energy'."




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