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Authors: Patrick Wilmot

Published by Jacaranda Books

ISBN: 9781909762015

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A writer in self-imposed exile in London receives a call from the Prime Minister of his former country, inviting him to return to write the Prime Minister’s biography, to chronicle his successful tenure at the helm of a rapidly developing country. Filled with a mixture of dread, fear and intrigue, the writer agrees, and as he embarks from his small flat in west London to the glass and steel structures of the Chinese-built mythical modern Caribbean island he once called home, he immediately finds himself thrust into a world of exceptional wealth and power.

Beautiful women are made readily available to him, excessive amounts of cash are routinely proffered, and the writer is soon assailed by the deeply corrupt politics, and the sexually abusive and violent drug-fuelled sub-culture of the Prime Minister and his associates. Yet the Prime Minister renders all this invisible, as he parades his legions of smiling, loyal citizens, while forcibly removing the poor and disadvantaged.

In the midst of this turmoil the writer falls deeply in love with a woman who, despite being far out of his league, is weary of the callous horrors of day to day living and who falls for the simple charms of an honest man. As the love affair advances, the writer’s passion for the island resurfaces, until the loss of a close friend propels him to make one final, potentially cataclysmic decision that will change everything.

Patrick Wilmot’s novel Glass is an unflinching tale of social reality, politics, love and undiluted, unmitigated horror in a mythological Caribbean drawn directly from real life.

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