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Gods of Babel

Authors: Judith Mok

Published by Salmon Poetry

ISBN: 9781907056802

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Gods of Babel is the result of years of wandering through different countries and languages, and the first English collection by the Dutch author and singer Judith Mok.

Music, Mok’s shared passion in life with literature, has encouraged her to write prose poems filled with explosiveness and extroversion, attuned to all the rhythms and melodies of the stage.

“There is much to admire not least the lyrical writing, which at times creates a dreamlike atmosphere.”
The Irish Times

“Mok’s writing is excellent and on the tripod of arts that uphold this work - music, art and literature - she has flashes of brilliance, constructing her second tongue in a defamiliarised way without the cliches and lazy comforts of acquaintance....”
The Dubliner

Judith Mok was born in the Netherlands. She has published three novels and three books of poetry, as well as short stories. Gods of Babel is her first collection of poetry in English. Judith’s short stories have twice been shortlisted for the Francis McManus Award, and her first novel, The Innocents at the Circus, for the Prix de l’Académie Française. Her work has appeared nationally and internationally in literary magazines and anthologies. Judith Mok is also a renowned soprano.
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