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Hands Moving at the Speed of Falling Snow

Authors: Aideen Henry

Published by Salmon Poetry

ISBN: 9781907056314

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Hands Moving at the Speed of Falling Snow explores a spectrum of conflicting emotions that hold us in their power, including love, loss, joy and grief.

Some poems meticulously describe people and their particular ways, the point of view of the child interwoven with that of the adult. Others show a view of damage from inside a wound; they try to name the unnameable, speak the unspeakable, to make sense of acute life experience. Throughout the collection there is a feeling of pause, of an imagination straining to leave the quiet bay for the pitch and roll of the open sea. This gives a sense of multiple parallel realities disconnected from each other, in the same way that the movement of a wave on the shore can remind us of some unconscious feeling that some part of us knows, yet cannot reach.

Includes 10 full colour photographs by Carmel Cleary.

Aideen Henry lives in Galway and works as a writer, university lecturer and medical doctor. Her poems have been published previously in several literary journals and magazines including Crannóg, The Shop, Ropes, the Cúirt Annual and Southword, and she has given many poetry readings around the country. She received a 1st Class Honours MA in Writing from NUI, Galway in Autumn 2008. This is her first collection of poetry. She also writes plays and short stories.
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