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Authors: Yvonne Green

Published by Smith/Doorstop (The Poetry Business)

ISBN: 9781910367568

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“These poems draw you in, gently but firmly, with telling detail and great emotional power. You share what Yvonne Green observes -- very beautifully -- about day-to-day experience; appreciate what she has personally learnt about suffering; and reflect with her on the contribution poetry can make to understanding (perhaps even resolving) the world’s problems. Honoured, as well as being the title of a harrowing individual poem about female martyrdom, is well-chosen as the title of the book honouring the reader with its intelligence and compassion -- and with the occasional agreeable surprise.” Alan Brownjohn

“These are vital, fiercely moving poems, alive with the danger, fear, violence and loss of a diaspora. Yvonne Green invites us to “....know about coming from a country that doesn’t exist” and takes us beyond borders and language in her expansive, profoundly relevant exploration of identity and the meaning of ‘home’.” Josephine Corcoran

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