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Authors: Kerrie O'Brien

Published by Salmon Poetry

ISBN: 9781910669471

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‘We are all red inside 
Brimming with love
All fluid and quiet and fire’
Exploring the concept of oneness and the transcendent nature of art, these raw and powerful reflections on lineage, faith and love will speak to your heart. This is a work of astonishing beauty which truly illuminates modern existence.
“Every poem in this collection has the grace of its occasion, speaks with an earned confidence, rehearses and proposes insights of quiet, lingering power. With economy, with precision, with inspired and exact gratitude for being alive, O’ Brien draws from each poem here a crafted epiphany – of love and memory, of art and its occasions, of light and colour and time and being human.”  
Theo Dorgan
“Kerrie O’ Brien gifts us a pure poetry of the senses. Her world is rich with its startling and honest scrutiny of people and places, of states of mind and twilit in-betweens. The writing demonstrates a refreshing openness to language and feeling, and is as colourful as it is spare and understated. Her sense of the city is sublime, whether writing of Dublin or Paris, and her response to the iconic shapers of visual culture original. Through her eyes, the fragile world we inhabit is illuminated: raw, erotic, tender, but aflame with a poetically controlled feeling that ranges from lament to celebration. O’ Brien’s vision is beautiful and out of the ordinary, and this is one of the best collections I have read this year.”                
Mary O’Donnell
“Kerrie O’ Brien’s poems communicate in a kind spontaneous language that is pared down to the essentials in a way that truthfully reflects and illuminates her felt emotions and what she sees as the impermanence of things. They reveal a poet of marked sensibility and delicate cadences.”     
Gerard Smyth
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