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Immortal Sins

Published by Salmon Poetry

ISBN: 9781897648179

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"The latest collection of poems by Anne Hartigan brings us daringly through the minefield avoided by less courageous writers who see Cliche written wherever Love appears. These poems are in the main about love, the fury, the pain, the passion, and the loss that goes with it. Anne Hartigan's voice is distinctive. She speaks as a lover who has borne children and has seen their children born. In this collection she celebrates sensuousness, lusty, treacherous, messy and inescapably human. Like the best poets, she brings us to new awareness with many unexpected images, 'birds slicing the air'. These are skilful and honest poems. They have their own particular music and move like the feet of a dancer, weaving in and out her themes of love failed, denied, lost, achieved. Few contemporary poets handle the themes of love and loss with such vigour and truthfulness."
Maeve Kelly

This is Anne Le Marquand Hartigan's fourth collection of poetry.

Anne Le Marquand Hartigan is a prize-winning poet, playwright and painter. She trained as a painter at Reading University, England. She returned to Co Louth, Ireland, in 1962 with her husband Tim Hartigan where they farmed and reared their six children. She now lives in Dublin. To Keep The Light Burning is her sixth collection of poetry. The others are Nourishment (2005), Immortal Sins (1993), award winning long poem with Anne's drawings, Now is a Moveable Feast (1991), all published by Salmon. Her prose work includes Clearing The Space, the Why of Writing, published in 1996 by Salmon Publishing.
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