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John Jordan: Selected Poems

Published by Dedalus Press

ISBN: 9781901233787

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"John Jordan was conscious of the general sense of malaise that pervaded post-war Europe. Some of the poems from the 1960s and 70s come close to expressing a sense of weltschmerz (universal sorrow)… [Others] are poems of pity and terror, and are truly haunting reflections on the nature of suffering, the mystery at the heart of forgiveness, and the question of redemption."
—from the Introduction by editor Hugh McFadden

"These can be very dark poems full of disturbing images and negative emotions yet expressed with eloquence and lyricism. With a useful introduction by the editor, here is an excellent representative collection"
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Available in paperback or hardbound editions.

Poet and story writer, actor, broadcaster, critic and one-time academic at University College, Dublin, John Jordan (1930-88) was a leading light in the literary life of Dublin from the 1950s until his death in Cardiff in June 1988. A close friend of the poet Patrick Kavanagh and of the novelist Kate O'Brien, he edited the seminal 60s magazine Poetry Ireland and was the founding editor in the early 1980s of its successor, Poetry Ireland Review. His collected works, including Collected Poems (Dedalus, 1991) and Crystal Clear: Selected Prose (Lilliput Press, 2006), have been edited by his literary executor, the poet and critic Hugh McFadden.

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