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Joy and Mourning

Authors: Paolo Ruffilli

Published by Dedalus Press

ISBN: 9781904556695

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Trans. from the Italian by Pádraig J Daly
Poetry Europe Series No. 19
Dual language, May 2004. Reissued Jan 2007

This is a reissue of Italian poet Paolo Ruffilli's long poem La gioia e il lutto, in a dual-language edition, Italian and English, with a translation by Irish poet and Augustinian priest Padraig J. Daly.

The poem uses a form traditional in both Irish and Italian poetry, where it goes back to Jacapone da Todi and beyond, in which various people comment on the agony and death of Christ, in order to shed light on the suffering and dying of a young man from AIDS.

A long, moving and powerful poem by one of the best-known of contemporary Italian poets who is also editor of Leone Editions.

Translator Pádraig J Daly is an Augustinian priest, working in Dublin, who has published many collections with the Dedalus Press.
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