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Light Years

Authors: Augustus Young

Published by Menard Press

ISBN: 9780904388913

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It's August 1967. Augustus Young is newly arrived in london with dubious credentials as a 'published poet'. But he also has a science degree and a career to forge. In first part of 'Light Years' he uses his fledgling skills as a writer to introduce us to his vision of 'living in England - suburban semis, the world of work and a backdrop of contemporary events. Memories of growing up in Ireland mark a persistent undertow.

By 1969, Augustus is leading 'The Bohemian Life'. From his bedsit in Notting Hill, he launches himself into a life dedicated to Art and self-advancement. McFee, landlord and philosopher, is his Mephisto. We meet the literary world, chic and not so chic, and encounter Alma, a publisher's assistant with a secret sorrow.

The final section returns to Ireland. Childhood events, family legends and memories are explored as Augustus, now writing in his own persona, comes to the realisation that if memory is the warden of the brain, escaping from its clutches is impossible. With its diversity of styles and idioms, 'Light Years' is a masterly re-enactment of the author's literary development.

Augustus Young was born in Cork in 1943 and has published eight books of poetry, most recently 'Days and Nights in Hendon (Menard Press, 2002). He is now working on 'storytelling'.
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