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Authors: Chris Keil

Published by Y Lolfa

ISBN: 9780955527210

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Aled is used to his dad Geraint waxing lyrical about some saint’s clifftop lookout; some Greek temple or another hosting a thousand sacred prostitutes; some village near Corinth. Geraint is the county archaeologist, after all. So when travel agent Aled takes a recce trip to that same Peloponnese village, his father is surprised. When Aled fails to return on the eve of his marriage, Geraint becomes alarmed and sets out on his trail.

Relationships – father and youthful son; son and elderly mother; fiancés, lovers; colleagues - none are immutable. This novel shows those thresholds of choice, those liminal moments and places where a door may open onto another world, or at the very least, another way of relating to the one we have.

“Evocative... Chris Keil’s writing, which is limpid and often arrestingly vivid, has a charged quality that conveys the mysteries pulsing behind the everyday surfaces of things.” - the Guardian

“Hypnotic.”- Jan Morris

"Infused with a lyrical voice and the vocabulary of the poet." -
New Welsh Review
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