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Lives of Lilo

Authors: Felix Hodcroft

Published by Valley Press

ISBN: 9781908853134

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Lives of Lilo is the story of Lilo – a blue-and-red seaside accessory – blown from its beach-holidaying family towards the open sea, the wider world, on an adventure like no other. Lilo’s voyage is at the heart of a narrative which extends across hundreds of years, past and future, in an epic modern fable for children. Lilo’s direction (and survival) are decided purely by chance, along with the unprovoked kindness – or brutality – of humans and animals alike... yet Lilo cannot help but have an effect on the lives of all those it encounters.

Felix Hodcroft’s first children’s novel (aimed at 11+ readers) is a work of extraordinary imagination, grounded in reality that will appeal to young readers and their parents alike.

Felix Hodcroft has worked as a probation officer in Birmingham, Hull and East Yorkshire, and now lives in Scarborough. He is well-known in Yorkshire as one half of the spoken-word performance double-act ‘The Hull to Scarborough Line’, with fellow Valley Press author Sue Wilsea. His debut poetry collection, Life After Life After Death, was first published by Valley Press in 2010, since reprinted in a second edition.

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