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Living Next to Leda

Living Next to Leda

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This is a remarkable first collection of poems by Barbara Bentley. Her distinctively witty voice brings us the up-to-date versions of the females of mythology.

'Noah's Wife' is plagued by her DIY-mad, boat-building spouse; 'Waking Beauty' wakes from a cryogenic sleep into a bizarre future; and the 'Leda' of the title poem is a deranged neighbour, convinced of a startling dream.

Our consumer society and its exhortations to the modern woman to 'have it all' are scrutinised with considerable flair and irony. Watch out for 'The Telephone Sonnets' - a sequence that reveals tales of lust, infidelity, betrayal and revenge, often in the guise of techno-jargon.

There are also meditative works on family, friends, childhood memories and brief glimpses of past lives such as 'Moons', a short series that subtly illuminates the consequences of a marriage. The reader will find much to admire in this lively and skilful debut.

"Barbara Bentley crafts imaginative, witty poems with a mature grasp of the poet's art and purpose in the world. Her voice is clear and her narrative strengths are compelling. This is a notable book."
Tony Curtis

"A sharply intelligent and imaginative collection which will establish Barbara Bentley as one of our most enjoyable new poets"
Helen Dunmore

Barbara Bentley lives with her family in Croft, Cheshire. Her prize-winning poetry has been published in a number of journals and anthologies. She has recently completed an M.A. in Creative Writing at the University of Glamorgan while continuing to work as a full-time lecturer in Leigh, Lancashire.