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Authors: Meta Kusar

Published by Arc Publications

ISBN: 9781904614920

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Ljubljana is Meta Kusar's city, where she has lived, wandered, bought and cooked her food, thought, written and loved. When she travels, it is to Ljubljana that she returns and this city, her constant home, has become her muse.

Ljubljana, in its 77 untitled poems, reflects all of this. Each poem opens a door onto a different aspect of Ljubljana, and onto a different aspect of the world and life itself. It is a sensual yet spiritual book, full of all the contrasts and contradictions one might expect to find in a city, and yet full of wisdom and beauty too.

"Kusar’s vision has a bracing, dynamic, anarchic individualism, and I hope the translators are already at work on more of her fascinating work."
Martyn Crucefix, Poetry Review

Meta Kusar, poet and essayist, was born in Ljubljana in 1952. With three collections of poetry in print, she is one of Slovenia's most popular and successful women poets. Since 1980 she has regularly contributed to the Slovene National Radio and the RAI-Trieste with cultural and historical talks. She has also directed a musical performance of her poetry, The Throne of Poetry, which was staged in Slovenia, Washington (1991) and London (2000).
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