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Low Maintenance

Authors: John Forth

Published by Rockingham Press

ISBN: 9781904851615

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“These poems are full of good old working class family warmth, but they’re written with a sure hand on form and cadence. They wear their skill easily.” Ambit.

"Low maintenance" usually refers to a kind of quiet rootedness and Forth’s new poems search for it in a range of unusual places and people – from rural Somerset to the beaches of British Columbia, superheroes to stonemasons. Several cast a sympathetic eye on apocalyptic events both real and imagined, but mostly they are hymns to the unsung, each celebrating the immediacy of its moment.

John Forth has published three previous collections – Malcontents (1994), A Ladder & Some Glasses (1998) and The Demon’s Phenomenal Filmshow (2012). He now lives in Weston-super-Mare.

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