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Marrowbone of Memory: Ireland's Great Famine

Authors: Jeri McCormick

Published by Salmon Poetry

ISBN: 9781908836229

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In Marrowbone of Memory, American poet Jeri McCormick continues her exploration of her ancestry, and their struggles on both sides of the Atlantic. The poems draw on stories of the great famine as passed down through the generations - here are the imagined voices of a baker’s son, an undertaker, an orphaned girl, a workhouse guardian, a curate, along with other witnesses to the calamity.

Jeri McCormick lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Her books include When It Came Time (Salmon Poetry, 1998) and the Creative Writing guide Writers Have No Age (2005). Her work has also appeared in journals and magazines across the UK, Ireland and the US, and in various anthologies, including The Book of Irish American Poetry from the 18th Century to the Present (2007).

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