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Authors: Richard Wilbur

Published by Waywiser

ISBN: 9781904130116

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[Expanded UK edition]
Poems and translations by Richard Wilbur

In 1989 Richard Wilbur published his New and Collected Poems, a landmark volume which won that year's Pulitzer Prize. Eleven years later, he published the US edition of Mayflies, which gathered together all of the poetry he had written in years following his New and Collected, and added a number of translations, from Mallarmé, Cassian, Petrov, Baudelaire, Molière and Dante. The Waywiser Press's edition of Mayflies is a significantly expanded volume, which adds eleven new poems to the twenty-five which appeared in the American edition: "The Reader", "Sir David Brewster's Toy", "Man Running", "Asides", "Tanka", "In Trackless Woods", "Twelve Riddles from Symphosius", "An Eightieth-Birthday Ballade for Anthony Hecht", "To a Comedian", "Blackberries for Amelia", and "Green".
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