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Me and my Camera

Published by The Emma Press

ISBN: 9781910139929

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From his first, fifteen-shilling model, complete with detachable flashbulb ('a toy, if an incendiary one'), the camera and its uses have been a subject of fascination for Malachi O'Doherty. Associated with love and power, with presence and absence, the physical object of the camera provides a lens into histories both personal and social. Me and my Camera moves from the stiff poses of mid-century family portraits, through O'Doherty's own experiences in journalism at the height of the Troubles, to the dynamics of candour and control in the modern selfie. Rich with sensory detail, this essay explores the complex relationships between photographers and their work; photographs and their beholders. It offers both a defence of the romantic love of landscape, and a celebration of the continuous, frequently surprising process of learning to create.
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