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Modern Persian Poetry

Authors: Mahmud Kianush

Published by Rockingham Press

ISBN: 9781873468357

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Iran and the Persian language have a rich poetic heritage, extending for more than a thousand years from the classical era of 10-17th centuries to the present day.

The greatest classical poet was Shams od-Din Mohammad Hâfez and this imaginative selection opens with poets inspired by Hâfez; he then moves on to Yushij, Shamlu and other poets of the Shah's time, to the left-wing poets who rebelled against the Shah and also against the Islamic Revolution. Women poets are included, such as Forugh Farrokhzâd, Shâdâb Vajdi and Minâ Asadi.

Mahmud Kianush also contributes a long introduction about Persian culture and language.
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