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Modern Poetry in Translation (Series 3 No.17) Parnassus

Published by Modern Poetry in Translation

ISBN: 9780955906497

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The Spring 2012 issue of MPT will be largely given over to a collaboration with Poetry Parnassus – the Southbank Centre’s celebration of the 2012 London Olympics.

“My hunch is this will be the biggest poetry event ever – a truly global coming together of poets.”
Simon Armitage

Parnassus was a sacred site for the whole Greek world; Delphi, below that mountain, was ‘the navel of the earth’, and for the duration of the Olympics a truce was declared so that athletes could come and go safely. In this same spirit, poets from all participating countries will be invited to London and MPT will publish a selection of translations of their poems. Poetry Parnassus marks the first time that so many poets from so many parts of the world have converged in one place; it is a monumental poetic happening.

The issue will be enhanced with other translated poems, brief essays, anecdotes and images concerned, in whatever fashion, with the Games (ancient or modern) or with Parnassus, home of the Muses.

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