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Modern Poetry in Translation (Series 3 No.18) Transitions

Published by Modern Poetry in Translation

ISBN: 9780957235403

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The autumn issue of Modern Poetry in Translation will be one of transition, and not just in the seasonal sense. Transitions will be jointly edited by David and Helen Constantine and the poet and translator Sasha Dugdale, who will succeed them as Editor from 2013.

As such, in this issue translated poems, short essays and anecdotes will address the idea of transition in as many ways as possible: from the theory of translation itself, to the life of the translator as someone constantly hovering between the foreign and the native.

“One of the most original poets of her generation.”
Paul Batchelor on Sasha Dugdale, The Guardian

By its very diversity MPT has always acted against set minds; Transitions will be proof and promise that it always will. It will be a celebration of movement, flux, change, of the eternal possibility of moving on out of forms that have lost their liberating and enlivening force, and into new, revitalised ways of thinking.

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