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Monsoon Diaries

Authors: Joseph Woods

Published by Dedalus Press

ISBN: 9781910251355

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Between the birth of the poet’s daughter and the deaths of his parents, the poems in Monsoon Diaries attempt to make sense of the world, from a mid-life flight from home en famille to new perspectives on both the past and the future. Monsoon Diaries strikes an often elegiac tone, betraying a growing awareness of mortality and the many losses that come with age. But it also bears witness to a country transitioning from dictatorship to democracy, finds the seeds of a new half-crown of sonnets in a single line of Catullus, and, in Driving to Delvin, a poem of 84 couplets, breaks out into a kind of road movie of spirited and sometimes random association, bringing all of the book’s many themes and ideas, its fears and hopes, together in a celebration of forward motion, of living itself.


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