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Authors: Don Rodgers

Published by Seren

ISBN: 9781854111548

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In the title poem, the protagonist basks by moonlight, becoming paler and paler until suffused with a strange bliss, an eerie spiritual purity, for 'night's the time when inspiration's filtered through the dark / and gleams.' The poem sets the tone for Don Rodgers' first collection, in which landscapes, everyday gestures, mundane objects and encounters are transformed through striking, often sensuous images, whose generative power owes much to the controlled musicality of the language used. Here, keys, in the poem of that name, can be a symbol of the tyranny of the everyday object, whereas in 'Chateau Lamouche' the housefly is portrayed as a familiar alien, both pitiful and terrifying. Other poems such as 'Stigmata' set out to challenge and explore religious ideas, expressing a yearning for the sacred which is indissolubly linked to the profane.

"A very interesting and highly readable first collection. Rodgers is a sensitive observer of the natural world, but the intimacy of human relationships is never far away"
Glyn Pursglove

"His poems have a good sound. He believes in the soul and goes looking for it; this puts him at once in touch with the surreal that lies in the everyday"
P.J. Kavanagh

Don Rodgers' prizewinning poetry has been published in a number of magazines and anthologies. He is also the author of published short stories as well as plays, and numbers among his interests natural history and languages. He lives and works in Swansea.
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