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MPT 8: France, Germany, Greece, Italy

Authors: Daniel Weissbort

Published by Modern Poetry in Translation

ISBN: 61509693572

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Apollinaire, Baudelaire, Yves Bonnefoy, Michle Deguy, Eustache Deschamps, Jacques Dupin, Loius-René des Forêts, Guillevic, Henry-Jacques, Philippe Jaccottet, Max Jacob, Paul de Roux; plus Timothy Ades on poems from Perec's novel La Disparition, John Du Val on translating fabliaux, Felix Leakery on translating Baudelaire, Harry Guest on tranlating the music of French verse
and Heinrich Heine, Georg Trakl, Odysseus Elytis, Patrizia Cavalli, Valerio Magrelli, Eugenio Montale, Jaime Gil de Biedma, Emilio García Gómez, Dan Pagis, Mirian Neiger, Ronny Someck, Ifegenija Simonovic, Ana Novac, Munir Niazi, Tugrul Tanyol.

Reviews by Richard Smith, Bernard Howells, John Grande, Roderick Beaton, Peter Robinson, Anthony Rudolf.

Opinions by Lisa Sapinkopf and James Sutherland Smith
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