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Music Outside

Authors: Ian Carr

Published by Northway Books

ISBN: 9780955090868

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Second edition of this classic book with a new postscript and a fresh selection of photos. First published in 1973 and out of print for many years.

Music Outside captures the spirit, optimism and creativity of contemporary jazz in Britain in the late 1960s and early 1970s. Carr was an important part of the action as well as a sharp observer of it and he wrote about his friends and colleagues, his jazz contemporaries, the people who made the jazz world come alive at one of the most exciting times in its recent history.

Carr's profiles and in-depth interviews with leading musicians and composers document the range of their ideas, their influences, their enthusiasms and their often heroic efforts to continue working in jazz. The musicians interviewed include Mike Westbrook, Jon Hiseman, John Stevens, Trevor Watts, Evan Parker, Mike Gibbs, and Chris McGregor with the Brotherhood of Breath.

Ian Carr is well-known as an imaginative and ground-breaking jazz trumpeter and bandleader, the author of acclaimed biographies of Miles Davis and Keith Jarrett and co-author of The Rough Guide to Jazz. See the website: www.iancarrsnucleus.net

"Beautifully written with insights into British jazz and its movers and shakers that are absolutely priceless . . . A very welcome new edition." Jazzwise, March 2008.

"Interviews . . . leap off the page to underline what has changed - and what hasn't." JazzUK, April/May 2008.

"Probably the best book ever written on British Jazz." Record Collector, May 2008.
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