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Mute Men

Authors: Kamil Mahmood

Published by Verve Poetry Press

ISBN: 978 1 912565 18 4

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In this compelling debut, Mute Men articulates the author’s musings born on late bus journeys and silent morning car journeys with his dad. Kamil focusses on narratives of the often sidelined, within the microcosm of the Muslim immigrant majority area that raised him, as well as internationally exploring the fall-out of colonialism, war and displacement. The collection is a brutally honest collage of disconnect, of a boy stumbling into manhood; processing a strayed history whilst probing his place in the world.

‘A powerful and timely collection exploring the tension carried by many British South-Asian men. Kamil’s poems are steeped in empathy and dazzling lyricism as he interrogates race, masculinity and religion within his community. This is an important piece of British poetry.’ – Caleb Femi

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