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My Family and Other Superheroes

Authors: Jonathan Edwards

Published by Seren

ISBN: 9781781721629

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The superheroes in question are a motley crew - Evel Knievel, Sophia Loren, Ian Rush, Marty McFly, a bicycling nun and a recalcitrant hippo - all leap from these pages and jostle for position, alongside valleys mams, dads and bamps, described with great warmth.

Other poems focus on the crammed terraces and abandoned high streets where a working class and Welsh nationalist politics is hammered out. This is a post-industrial valleys upbringing re-imagined through the prism of pop culture and surrealism.

Jonathan Edwards was born and brought up in Crosskeys, south Wales. His work has appeared in a wide range of magazines, including Poetry Review, The North, Poetry Wales and New Welsh Review. He has written speeches for the Welsh Assembly Government and journalism for The Big Issue Cymru, and currently works as an English teacher.

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