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My Life in Squares

Published by Smokestack Books

ISBN: 9780956034175

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My Life in Squares is an introduction to the work of a major European poet and one of the most original writers to emerge in recent years from the 'new Europe'.

Kristin Dimitrova's work has been published in 22 countries, translated into 19 languages and won many international prizes. She is a Balkan minimalist, a feminist-fabulist whose work combines the fantastic and the prosaic. She writes with a deceptively simple, playful touch, teasing the reader with faux folk-wisdom and unexpected endings. Oblique, subtle and witty, her poems creep up on her subjects from behind, demonstrating that looking at something sideways is not the same as avoiding the issue.

Kristin Dimitrova was born in Sofia in 1963. Her books of poetry published in Bulgaria include Jacob’s Thirteenth Child (1992), Closed Figures (1998), Faces with Twisted Tongues (1998) and The Cardplayer’s Morning (2008). She has published a book of short-stories, Love and Death under the Crooked Pear Tree (2004) and a novel, Sabazuis (2007). A five-times winner of national poetry awards in Bulgaria, Dimitrova has also translated John Donne’s poetry into Bulgarian. She teaches in the Department of Foreign Languages at the University of Sofia. My Life in Squares is her first full collection in English.
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