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Natural Chemistry

Authors: Michelene Wandor

Published by Arc Publications

ISBN: 9781904614531

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Astonishingly musical in its delivery, Natural Chemistry ties together a truly epic range of material. From fairy tales to the Bible, Jerusalem to Hollywood, Cromwell to the Suffragettes, the reader is taken to iconic times and landmarks, to breathe in history’s echoes. Chance encounters and solitary confinements constantly push at what communication, language and, ultimately, poetry can do.

“A celebration of the process of creation”
Time Out on Musica Transalpina

Michelene Wandor is a writer, broadcaster, theatre historian and musician. She has taught at the Guildhall School of Drama, the City Lit and London Metropolitan University, and at various universities abroad. Her recent books include the poetry collection Musica Transalpina (Arc, 2006) and a history of Creative Writing, The Author is not Dead, Merely Somewhere Else (Macmillan, 2008). She lives in London.

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