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New Relations: Refashioning of British Poetry 1980-94

Authors: David Kennedy

Published by Seren

ISBN: 9781854111630

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This ground-breaking study offers an expert commentary on the many and widespread changes which have affected British poetry in the last fifteen years.

From the changing personnel to a new publishing landscape; from youth culture audiences to new subjects and readings, hardly any aspect of poetry remains untouched. David Kennedy, co-editor of The New Poetry, considers many poets critically for the first time, including Armitage, Maxwell, Reading, Bush, Duffy and Boland. Larkin, Heaney, Dunn and Harrison are among the more established poets he discusses.

Thematically, New Relations includes a Rough Guide to British Postmodernism, and essays on Poetry and Science, Poetry as Media, and the new marketing ploys. Truly contemporary, wide-ranging, fascinating in its readings New Relations is an essential text for poets and readers.

David Kennedy was born in Leicester in 1959 and currently lives in Sheffield where he researched a doctorate on ideas of community in the work of Douglas Dunn, Tony Harrison and Seamus Heaney. He was co-editor of The New Poetry (Bloodaxe, 1993) and his poems, essays and reviews have been published widely in magazines in the UK and abroad. His first collection of poetry, The Elephant's Typewriter, was published by Scratch in 1996.
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