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News From Nowhere

Authors: Jane Austin

Published by Cinnamon Press

ISBN: 9781910836545

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It is 1914 in Bangor, North Wales. Bronwyn is sixteen and her three brothers, Huw, Glyn and Aubrey, and Tada, her Methodist Minister father, will leave for the Western Front. Bangor, a quiet backwater, sees the arrival of destitute Belgians, men coming home wounded, and women in leading roles. Bronwyn takes on responsibility at the Methodist Book Room as well as helping Mam send endless parcels to the front. The war is brought home in her
brothers’ letters, by turn light-hearted and searingly honest.

As the family copes with uncertainty and loss, Bronwyn finds first love and becomes involved in political activism, going on to volunteer at a London Military hospital run by suffragists and travelling to France. Bronwyn knows that one day she will write about the aftermath of war, but when the war ends its toll on her family continues and Bronwyn faces new losses and challenges before she can move on with her life.

Inspired by letters from family members who served on the Western Front and written home to Bangor, News From Nowhere describes the impact of war on a family.

Poignant, authentic and gripping, this is a debut novel from an author to watch for.

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