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No Other Gods

Authors: Todd Hearon

Published by Salmon Poetry

ISBN: 9781910669167

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No Other Gods draws richly on Hearon's gifts as poet and dramatist. From the sonnets and nonce-forms interspersed throughout, to its central thousand-line verse monologue, No Other Gods strikes the full octave with a jazzed, symphonic roots-music. In its play of masks and voices, one meets a pantheon both sacred and profane-Mnemosyne, Priapus; memory and desire-from Pasiphae, "that daughter of the sun," to a junked-out "toothless whore named Cookie" of our own century. With mythopoetic propulsion and expanse, No Other Gods is, ultimately, a paean to the human imagination, the force that in the face of negation and nothingness, "sings well into the night."
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