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No Other World

Authors: Kunwar Narain

Published by Arc Publications

ISBN: 9781904614814

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No Other World is Kunwar Narainís first full-length collection of poems to be published in English translation, and consists of poems selected from five volumes across five decades. Frequently inspired by characters, legends and actual events in Indiaís rich and varied history, Narain writes with wisdom and a humanity that is at once compassionate and unremittingly moral. In his sonís beautifully-modulated translations, Narainís poems communicate themselves to the English-language reader with freshness and energy.

"What characterises Narainís poetry is the delicate balance between thought and language, content and structure; his words give meaning to ideas."
Shanta Acharya

"In his Introduction to this volume, Harish Trivedi says that Kunwar Narain is probably the most highly regarded Hindi poet alive today. Both Trivedi and Apurva Narain emphasise how deeply the poet has read Indian literature from its Sanskrit roots to now. As an outsider to Indian culture Iím not in a position to judge Narainís learning or cultural sophistication by his references, but they are both continuously reflected in his urbane tone, the lightness of touch with which he deploys complex suggestions and ideas, and the modest sense of proportion with which he sets personal feelings and experiences in wider contexts. In these ways and in its range this feels like the work of a major poet."
Edmund Prestwich, Manchester Review

Born in 1927, Kunwar Narain now lives in Delhi. His literary output has spread over more than half a century of Hindi literature, and is concerned with post-independence India. Narainís poetry, short stories, literary criticism, essays, translations and varied writings on the arts have been translated
internationally and received many literary awards world-wide.
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