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Odohohol & Cally Rascal

Authors: Matko Sršen

Published by Istros Books

ISBN: 9781908236159

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Odohohol is a boy with special powers, living in a future world in which Evil has prevailed. And being a boy with special powers, he represents new hope for all life in the Universe. Through his travels in parallel dimensions, he links up with others from the Secret Resistance and joins forces in the fight for Good.

Along with his best friend Cally Rascal, Odohohol must travel to the Enchanted Land to fight a decisive battle with Evil. This is the story of how he gets there.

Find out if he will win the battle and return to earth, or if their plans to overthrow Evil from power will come to nothing.

Matko Sršen is a director, playwright and poet from Dubrovnik, Croatia. He has directed more than one hundred productions, both in Croatia and abroad, for stage and radio. He has received numerous awards, prizes, and recognition for a lifetime devoted to the theater, including Best Theatre Director. As an a author, Sršen has had four books of his plays, essays, and poetry published. This is his first children’s book.

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