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On A Bat's Wing: Poems About Bats

On A Bat's Wing: Poems About Bats

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Bats have had a bad press.
Yet they snaffle bugs by the thousand
And carefully clean their babies’ faces.

Catriona O’Reilly, A Lecture upon the Bat

Poets through the ages have written about love, loss, war and peace and…bats. Emily Dickinson, Edward Lear, D. H. Lawrence and Stevie Smith as well as modern poets Seamus Heaney, Kathleen Jamie, Les Murray and Ted Hughes have found bats to be a source of inspiration and mythology, flitting in and out of human experience in some unexpected ways. The title of this collection is based on a line in The Tempest.

Winging through the leaves of this unique anthology and hanging upside down on its every page are bats large and small, real and fictional; scary bats, scared ones, evil bats and positively heroic ones, bats on ceilings and skylines, in airing cupboards and even cuddling up in bed with some of the 65 authors included.

Professor John Altringham (University of Leeds) provides a preface, briefly introducing us to the more than 1,100 species of bats throughout the world.

Michael Baron initiated the major Words By The Water Cumbrian Literature Festival in 2001. He was one of the founders of the National Autistic Society and is a member of the Cumberland Bat Group and of the Bat Conservation Society.