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One Day in the Life of Jimmy Denisovich

Authors: Graham Fulton

Published by Smokestack Books

ISBN: 9780992740917

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If you don’t want to see fear in a handful of dust, then look away now. How do we control the uncontrollable or reconcile the irreconcilable? Should we accept the world as it is or rebel against it? Whether we choose love or hate, make the law or break it, go mad or snatch brief moments of happiness, we all must cling to someone or something to complete the ‘me- shaped space’ of our lives.

One Day in the Life of Jimmy Denisovich is a book of poems about entropy and cruelty, ‘shrapnel heads’ and airport toilets, digestive biscuits and marmalade. It’s a 1970’s double album about trying to keep calm in a random and accelerating universe.

Graham Fulton’s many books of poetry include Humouring the Iron Bar Man (1990), Knights of the Lower Floors (1994), Open Plan (2011), Full Scottish Breakfast (2011), Upside Down Heart (2012) and Reclaimed Land (2013). He lives in Scotland.

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