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Published by Salmon Poetry

ISBN: 9781910669051

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Papercuts includes poems from four previous collections (Perfect Mess, Speechless, Miming Silence and Loose Ends) alongside new work, spanning over twenty years. The collection is a testament to the human condition in all its moods, particularly melancholia; a precious state of mind. It shamelessly flirts with the absurdities of life familiar to us all, paying particular attention to the seeming trivial and incidental details that can speak so aptly.

Papercuts gives a glimpse of life; messy because it is honest. Untidy because life is. There’s a lot of love lurking in this collection...and every single word is meant intensely.

Bernadette Cremin was born in March 1964 and has lived with the curious companion of epilepsy and neurological illness since her teens. Cremin has dipped her toe in many pies but it’s more than fair to say that poetry has been kind to her since she moved to Brighton for a year in 1996. A poem from her collection Speechless was Highly Commended in the 2009 Forward Poetry Prize. Cremin has recently been on a reading tour of Ireland and continues to perform and record her poetry regularly.

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