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Peter Dale in Conversation with Cynthia Haven

Authors: Peter Dale

Published by Between The Lines

ISBN: 9781903291139

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Thirteenth volume in an acclaimed series of book-length interviews with leading contemporary poets.

"Peter Dale is the long-distance runner of his generation" - Grey Gowrie

Dale talks in detail about his life, his work and his literary friendships.

"The subsuming principle for all Dale's poetry is relationship. Because of his preoccupation with relationships, rather than the isolated self that dominates much contemporary writing, Dale's is a particularly civilized and constructive poetry. The subjective turns that do occurr in his poems always include another person, indeed take much of their meaning from that other person." - Wyatt Prunty in Contemporary Poets, 1983

Peter Dale is one of the UK's most distinguished literary figures, a poet, translator and editor, and this book comes complete with four new poems, a comprehensive bibliography, several pages of quotations from Dale's critics and reviewers, and a gallery of photos.

Cynthia Haven is a literary critic at the San Francisco Chronicle and writes regularly for the Times Literary Supplement, the Washington Post Book World, the Los Angeles Times Book Review, and the Cortland Review. Her work has also been published in Civilization, Commonweal, and the Georgia Review. She has been affiliated with Stanford University for many years, and is a regular contribution to its magazine. She has received over a dozen literary and journalism awards, and is the author of several works on non-fiction.
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