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Petrol, Cyan, Electric

Authors: Kim Lasky

Published by Smith/Doorstop (The Poetry Business)

ISBN: 9781906613938

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Petrol, Cyan, Electric
 was a winner in the 2012 Book & Pamphlet Competition, chosen by Simon Armitage.

"Kim Lasky’s collection combines a conversational tone with passages of linguistic intensity to take on the big subjects: light, love, life. Her domestic settings and the characters which populate them are particularly satisfying. I also enjoy the way the poems dabble or flirt with form and technique – couplets, half rhyme, the sonnet – before ultimately spinning on their heel and waltzing off in another direction. The poems asked me to accompany them and I went willingly."
Simon Armitage 

Kim Lasky grew up in Essex and now lives on the coast in Sussex. Her poems have been published in journals in the UK and US and have featured in Resurgence Magazine and as the Guardian’s Poem of the Week. She received an Arts Council Award in 2009. Her work has been recognised in competitions including the Frogmore Poetry Prize, Hippocrates Awards, the Bridport Prize, the Templar Pamphlet and Collection Awards, and in 2011 she won the Agenda Poetry competition. Her first short collection, What it Means to Fall, was published by Tall Lighthouse Press. 

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