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Authors: Eva Bourke

Published by Dedalus Press

ISBN: 9781906614416

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New collection of poems from much-admired German-born poet, long resident in Galway.

"In these new poems Eva Bourke leans into what she calls the 'heart of things', discovering for herself, and us, time and again that there truly is a heart of things, and to things, and that it might well survive all that conspires against it, even in the most war-broken, besieged, and harm-full places on earth. These poems suggest that the soul is an enduring gentleness in us, in others, in perhaps everything, and that it needs us to release it, to let it breathe, to nourish it with what we create rather than destroy. That gentleness is what we hear throughout the ample and beautiful margins of this book, the notes of its music being played with such care, and played softly, piano."
Fred Marchant

Eva Bourke was born in Germany and has long since lived in Galway. She has published five previous collections of poetry, the most recent being The Latitude of Naples (Dedalus Press, 2005). A teacher and translator, she is the editor of a major dual-language English / German anthology of Irish poetry entitled In Green Ink / Mit Gruner Tinte (1996) and her other translations include an English language version of Elisabeth Borchers' Winter on White Paper (2002). She is also co-editor, with Borbála Faragó of Landing Places: Immigrant Poets in Ireland (Dedalus Press, 2010). She is a member of Aosdána.
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