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Poems for Ghosts

Authors: Peter Finch

Published by Seren

ISBN: 9781854110572

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Ever wondered if there was another way of doing it? Poems for Ghosts takes up where his Selected Poems left off.

A compendium of modernist plunder, this is no collection for lovers of the traditionally tame. Sound poems, found poems, straight poems. hooliganism restructured, protests at the ruination of heritage, passionate pleas for language. These are innovations, literate blasts, performances. Finch wittily re-arranges our perception of poetry: kippers rub shoulders with Dutchmen, out at the edge America vanishes, the rain falls steadily on our sheep-filled hills. Who else could have suggested that the Welsh might have invented dada?

"A very exciting and stimulating book which reminds us how dull and unadventurous most poetry is"
Ian McMillan

"Funny, horrible, rightly angry, technically varied"
Edinburgh Review

Peter Finch is a poet, author and critic who lives in Cardiff. He is author of the hugely popular Seren titles Real Cardiff and Real Cardiff Two. His numerous poetry titles include Useful, Poems for Ghosts and Food from Seren, Antibodies from Stride, and Vizet, a selected poems in Hungarian from Kronkét Könyvek. He has written a number of books on the business of writing including How to Publish Yourself (Allison & Busby) and The Poetry Business (Seren). He compiles the poetry section for Macmillan's annual Writer's Handbook and the self-publishing section for A&C Black's Writer's and Artist's Yearbook. A former publisher and bookseller, he is now Chief Executive of the Welsh Academy, the Welsh Literature Promotion Agency and Society of Writers.
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