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Poetry: Reading it, Writing it, Publishing it

Poetry: Reading it, Writing it, Publishing it

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Poetry: Reading it, Writing it, Publishing it offers frank and carefully considered information for poets, and others who are interested in knowing more about how the poetry world works.

As well as exploring basic tenets for aspiring writers, the book contains personal essays by poets and publishers from Ireland, Britain, the US, Canada, Australia and Zimbabwe: Primrose Dzenga, Rita Ann Higgins, J.P Dancing Bear, Celia de Fréine, Michael Heffernan, Kevin Higgins, Seamus Cashman, Nessa O'Mahony, Maurice Harmon, Joan McBreen, Lex Runciman, Joseph Woods, Eamonn Wall, Susan Millar DuMars, Emily Wall, John Hildebidle, Caroline Lynch, Jean O'Brien, Chris Mansell, Gabriel Fitzmaurice, John FitzGerald, Noel King, Philip Fried, Todd Swift, Simmons B. Buntin, Janice Fitzpatrick-Simmons, David Gardiner, Anne Fitzgerald and Stephanie McKenzie.

Poetry: Reading it, Writing it, Publishing it was chosen for special promotion during Great Irish Book Week 2009 as one of 30 great Irish books published in 2009. The Great Irish Book Week took place from Saturday the 24th to Saturday the 31st October 2009.

"For anyone who aspires to write verse and have their poems published, Jessie Lendennie's Poetry: Reading It, Writing It, Publishing It is very strongly recommended and very useful reading."
The Midwest Book Review

"These insights are invaluable."
The Stinging Fly

"Jessie Lendennie tells us in the introduction that if one Googles the word 'poetry', there are 128 million responses. This primer, which combines the theoretical with the practical, will give you most of the information and advice that you are likely to need about the reading, writing and publishing of verse."
Books Ireland

Jessie Lendennie's prose poem Daughter was first published in 1988, followed in 1990 by The Salmon Guide to Poetry Publishing and in 1992 by The Salmon Guide to Creative Writing in Ireland. Her poetry has been anthologised in Irish Poetry Now: Other Voices, Unveiling Treasures: The Attic Guide To The Published Works of Irish Women Literary Writers and The White Page/An Bhileog Bhan: Twentieth-Century Irish Women Poets, among others. She has conducted workshops and given readings all over Ireland and the United States for many years. She is the co-founder and Managing Director of Salmon Poetry. In 2008, she edited Salmon: A Journey in Poetry, 1981-2007, an anthology of Salmon Poetry. In 2009 she compiled and edited Poetry: Reading it, Writing it, Publishing it.