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Poetry Wales - Winter 2011/12

Authors: Zoe Skoulding

Published by Seren

ISBN: 9770032220363

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The Buzz of the Bee through Poetry by Dai George, followed by a Q&A with John Burnside

Where Mediterranean Voices Meet by Teleri Williams

Eurig Salisbury on Recordings from Arcadia: India and Wales

Greg Hill on Jean Earle, David Jones and Bediveres horse

Poems by:  Nia Davies, Ellie Evans, Marianne Burton, Richard Poole, Mark Goodwin, Rhys Trimble, Charles Wilkinson, JL Williams, Stephen Payne, Samira Negrouche and Anissa Mohammedi translated by Teleri Williams, Annamaria Ferramosca translated by Anamaria Crowe Serrano, Raphael Urweider, Wayne Burrows, John Freeman, Martyn Crucefix, Ian McEwen, Robin Ngangom, Ben Smith, Carrie Etter, Alison Brackenbury, Harry Guest, Anna Woodford, Ric Hool, Paul Groves, Daisy Behagg, Cliff Forshaw, Steve Griffiths, James Russell, Peter Oram, Sheenagh Pugh, John Lee Grenfell, Eluned Rees


Katherine Stansfield on Ellie Evans and Judy Brown
John Barnie on Tim Liardet and Andrew McNeillie
Molly James on Gwyneth Lewis and Birdbook
Robin Chapman on T.H. Parry-Williams
Meirion Jordan on Will Stone and Writing King Kong by Robert Seatter
Peter Robinson on John James

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