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Quire of Paper

Quire of Paper

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'Considering the Donkey Cart'

Here is the horse and carriage of a modest household
the means of escape on muddy days, drab days,
days when to whisper into the tender ears that Midas wore,
to tickle behind the teasing ears that Bottom desported
was to know the thrill of the open gate, the bright road
stretching away.

Ah Jack! Ah Jenny!

Ra chose you, Jesus chose you, Sancho chose you
but who can coax your bony back, your stony look,
uncomfortable, unbiddable, mired happily, enduring,
eschewing the tasty barley, chewing a thistle, who can
tempt you to carry the king with the golden crown
or lift these sisters' spirits with a day in Town?

"Her poems are themselves acts of displacement, turning around some event or emotion that cannot be fully named or known…an imagination which proliferates mysteries"
– Jon Cook, Independent on Sunday