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Authors: Jon Grahame

Published by Myrmidon

ISBN: 9781905802524

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“Jim Reaper started to plan a murder as thousands began to die in a natural disaster that almost killed the world…”

A down-at-heel, middle-aged ex-cop has nothing much to live for. But then he learns that the man who raped and killed his daughter has been released from prison after serving only three years.

Obsessed with preparations for revenge, Jim Reaper is largely indifferent to reports of what the world’s media have labelled ‘SuperSARS’, a virulent pandemic spreading swiftly westwards from China.

Reaper slaughters his daughter’s killer and finds himself in a police cell. But there’ll be no trial for Reaper; the fabric of law enforcement and of organised society itself is already in terminal decline as 99% of Britain’s population succumb to severe flu-like symptoms. As the last of Reaper’s custodians leaves his post to take to his bed he leaves Reaper the keys to the cell.

Days later, when Reaper finally emerges, he walks the city streets for hours without seeing anyone – and then he spots three men, armed with shotguns and dragging a teenage girl with a dog-collar and chain. Reaper returns to the station to collect a Kevlar vest, two handguns and a Heckler and Koch carbine…

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