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Sheriff and Outlaws in the Global Village

Authors: Dan Plesch

Published by Menard Press

ISBN: 9780000000002

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Before September 11th, globalisation and the threat from weapons of mass destruction were the greatest challenges the world faced. Now we must add global terrorism. A successful counter-terrorism strategy requires international co-operation and economic development. The main problem of globalisation is the oligarchy of economic and military interests using new technologies to establish global supremacy. International rivalry over WMDs prevents collective efforts aimed at stopping terrorists from obtaining them and eliminating the weapons altogether.

Dan Plesch, Senior Research Fellow at the Royal United Services Institute for Defence Studies (RUSI) and founder of the British-American Security Information Council (BASIC), was often seen on the BBC and CNN following the terrorist attack on the United States. An established independent analyst, investigator and lobbyist in the fileds of international security negotiations, nuclear weapons and foreign policy in general, Dan Plesch's unique experience is evident in this important and timely pamphlet. He makes a powerful, cogent and radical analysis of the relationship between globalisation, the weapons trade and terrorism, and also presents a group of policy solutions to the daunting problems facing the world.
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