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Sometimes I'm So Happy I'm Not Safe on the Streets

Authors: Dean Wilson

Published by Wrecking Ball Press

ISBN: 9781903110331

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Dean Wilson suffers from Poetry Tourettes, a condition that affects one in every ten people in the city of Kingston-Upon-Hull.

Dean likes Patsy Cline, Timi Yuro, Suzi Quatro and Emmerdale Farm; he likes club singers who wear slacks, red faced bus drivers and middle-aged men with faded tattoos. 

Sometimes Dean gets fed up, and when this happens he likes to go to the seaside and look at the sun shining on the cliffs. He likes to roll up his trousers and paddle in the sea, go for a game of bingo and visit the grave of Anne Bronte. This cheers him up no end. 

Usually, though, Dean is a happy soul. 

And sometimes he’s so happy he’s not safe on the streets.

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